Welcome to the Creepypasta Gloom WikiEdit

Welcome to the Official Creepypasta Wiki, created by MistressWhispers (MistressWhispy, as known on Deviantart)

Here the rules are considered fair, and we do not instantly delete your story! Here we actually give tips, critique, etc to help you evolve as a writer!
Scent of Night - myuu03:20

Scent of Night - myuu

What is Creepypasta?Edit

Creepypasta is something that is supposed to give off an eerie feeling, something of discomfort, it should also even sometimes draw questions from readers!

On this wiki, we wanna keep it scary abnormal, unusual, odd in a sense, we wanna keep that creepy element in our reading, it adds spice to the overall title of Creepypasta.~

Activity Edit

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